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Emergency Auto Locksmiths: Your Friends Indeed

Replacing your car keys can be an expensive and inconvenient exercise. If your vehicle is imported, you could wait for days to get authorization from overseas to get a local dealer to issue a new set of keys.

In the case of newer cars, the key often forms part of the security system, that may require re-coding of the entire security system.

Damaged keys can usually be replaced by local dealers. If you lose a key in a place where it’s unlikely to be used – for example down a drain, in the ocean or something similar – and you still have the master key, the dealer should be able to give you a replacement key.

Most vehicles come with two master keys that are programmed for the car. Losing the master key which operates everything can be time consuming and inconvenient Losing the master key if you don’t have a spare key, will mean that you have to either have it reprogrammed, or replace the body control mode. The same applies if your keys were stolen, as the thief might come back to steal your car.

When you buy a pre-owned car, be sure to ask the seller for a complete set of keys, because trying to obtain more keys later on might be costly and difficult.


Ignition Keys & Ignition Replacement Locksmiths

Vehicle locksmiths can help you if you have been locked out of your car. Locksmiths with auto lock emergency expertise can help you deal with a wide range of ignition key complications and emergencies. Their services extend beyond ignition key replacements, and even include broken ignition repair, car lockouts, ignition replacement and rekeying.

Most emergency locksmiths are available around the clock to help with:

l  replacing your ignition key,

l  opening up your car if you locked the keys inside,

l  repairing your ignition,

l  extracting your keys from a broken ignition

l  replacing your broken ignition,

l  programming your key transponder,

l  cutting your key,

l  chipping your key,

l  opening your trunk,

l  and rekeying if you have lost your ignition key.


Emergency vehicle locksmiths usually have all the tools and equipment they need available to them in their vans, but it is important for you to provide a brief description of your problem when you call them. Knowing what to expect will ensure that you get the best service in the shortest amount of time. Also be sure to give your name and contact details, and a clear location, so that you may be found easily in an emergency.


Whether you have lost your ignition key, locked the keys inside your keys, or if you need your key to be unstuck from the ignition, rest assured that a team of expert locksmiths are waiting for your call.

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