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Deadbolt Locks: The Good, Bad and Ugly

A deadbolt is an important aspect of your home security, as it can help prevent forced entry. The FBI reported that of the just over 2 million burglaries that took place in 2012, 60% involved forced entry. Here at Locksmith Toronto, Ontario we highly recommend that all property owners install deadlocks.

What is a Deadbolt Lock?

Deadbolt locks are moved by turning a key or a knob, but it does not use a spring. The lock can only be opened using the knob or key, and is tamper proof. Doors with deadbolt locks can’t be jimmied open using screwdrivers, knives or other objects, because they are not spring activated. Since deadbolts tend to resist forced entry, it is a highly beneficial security feature to add to your home.

Why Use a Deadbolt Lock?

Deadbolts use a unique deadbolt locking mechanism that offers superior protection against a forceful physical attack. While standard locks can be opened using a key cope or a knife, it is nearly impossible to break a deadbolt lock in this way. Trying to open the deadbolt lock will take a lot of time, thus deterring criminals from trying to gain entrance.

3 Types of Deadbolt Locks

You have a choice of these 3 types of deadbolt locks:

1. Keyless Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

Keyless deadbolt locks are easy to operate, as they can be opened using a password or a fingerprint scan. You can easily close the door using the knob or the button.


2. Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

A single cylinder deadbolt lock is opened using a key on the outside, and using a thumb piece on the inside. This deadbolt lock is best used in doors that have no breakable glass anywhere near the thumb piece, since that may enable an unwelcome intruder to break the glass, turn the knob and enter.


3. Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Activated using a key on both sides, this deadbolt lock is suitable for use on doors with breakable glass near the knob. The only drawback is that it may hinder escape in emergency situations.

Within each type of deadbolt, there are a range of models and features to choose from. Here’s what you should look for in a deadbolt lock:

➔ Ensure that the bolt extends is made of hardened steel and that it is at least one inch in diameter.
➔ Ensure that the cylindrical clocks are free spinning and properly tapered.
➔ You should not be able to see any exposed screw heads, and the connecting screw, which is located on the inside of the lock, should be made of solid steel.
➔ Ensure that the connecting screws must be a minimum of 1/4 inch in diameter and must go into solid metal and not into screw posts.
➔ Buy a bump resistant deadbolt, even though it is slightly more expensive.
➔ Be sure to invent a keyword that is hard to guess, but easy to remember, so that you don’t become locked out of your home.

While there is no lock that can guarantee your safety, a deadbolt lock can lower the risk of intrusion dramatically. If your doors are physically secure, if a criminal wants to get in, they can always use a bump key to enter. Call us at 416.479-0720 to find the best option for your needs.

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