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Commercial Locksmith Services Provide Safety & Security for Your Business

Commercial property security management is an important part of running a successful business. This involves the management of safes, electronics and keys. By enlisting a professional locksmith to do a security audit, you can find the best system to safeguard your business, your assets and your staff.

A professional locksmith company will appraise the strengths and weaknesses of your commercial property and integrate a variety of security systems to meet your needs.

Commercial Locksmith Solutions for Your Property


Access Control

An access control system eliminates the need for locks and keys. Staff access to the premises can easily be managed by means of ID cards, badges, or pin codes. These access keys can be changed as soon as a staff member is terminated, which is a handy feature in many businesses today.

However, access control is not only for big businesses. Small businesses can use access control systems to secure their properties, prevent unauthorized entry and lock doors for you. Since the system monitors the premises continually, you don’t have to.


Electronic Access

Using an electronic keypad with a pin code, you will be able to prevent anyone other than current employees from entering the premises, making it an effective way of keeping your business safe.

Expert Tip: Change pin codes on a regular basis to ensure maximum security at all times.


High Security Keys

Key cutters and locksmiths may not duplicate high security keys, giving the property owner more control over employees’ access to master keys. High security keys are used along with pick-resistant locks with tumblers that are configured in such a way that it is impossible to guess the combination.

A good locksmith can create a master key system, which alleviates the need for a key for every door, by providing you with a single key that opens every door on your property.


Door Closers

Open doors provide the ideal opportunity for unwanted visitors to gain silent entry to your commercial property, thus posing a security threat. Expert locksmiths recommend installing door openers to ensure that doors will close when you leave. This helps to monitor access to the property.

Commercial Safes

Safes offer added security for a company’s sensitive data, cash and valuables. Money can be stored in a safe until it has to be banked.

Commercial Locksmith Services

In addition to creating and installing the systems above, a professional commercial locksmith also offers a range of other security related services:

● New security system installations to make it harder for vandals and thieves to gain access and damage equipment or steal from your business.
● Re-keys and changing locks on your doors should be done if keys are missing, or if you suspect that someone is gaining unauthorized access to your property.
● Broken doors pose a serious security threat to your premises, but a locksmith can help reinforce, repair or replace your doors and add a new lock.

These are just some of the many comprehensive locksmith services you can expect from Locksmith Toronto, Ontario. Call us today to discuss your security needs. From installing a lock for your new business to close circuit television, we do it all.

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