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Choosing the Best External Locks for Your Front and Back Doors

In today’s world where crime is the order of the day, homeowners can no longer be blase when choosing door locks for external doors. Instead of worrying about the cost first, then the style and finish, security should be the top priority. In this post, we’re going to discuss the different types of locksets, ANSI grading and the things you should consider when it comes to choosing a lock.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) categorises door locks into three grades. These standards are pretty much applicable around the world. All locks should pass a range of security and operational tests, and based on how they perform, they are placed in one of the grades. Grade 1 locks offer the highest level of security, and only commercial lever handles meet ANSI grade 1 certification standards.

Grade 2 certified locks are suitable for the purposes of light commercial use, however, these devices exceed the standards required for residential security. Locks certified ANSI Grade 3 meet only residential requirements, and offer minimal residential security.

With that in mind, let’s look at some types of locks to consider:

1. Deadbolts

When it comes to residential doors, deadbolts offer the highest level of security. Single-cylinder deadbolts are operated from the outside using a key, and a turn button from inside, while double-cylinder deadbolts use a key both inside and outside. In the event that the key is missing or not readily available, a double-cylinder deadbolt could pose a danger in an emergency.

2. Handlesets or Entry Locksets

Handlesets and locksets offer medium security to entrance doors, but are usually combined with a deadbolt. A doorknob on either side, the inside doorknob locks by depressing or turning a small button. The outside knob is operated using a key. These locksets usually feature decorative door handles on the outside.

3. Keyless Locksets

If you want enhanced home security, a keyless lockset offers unmatched convenience. Keyless locks can replace any standard deadbolt locks on your exterior doors. Since there are no keys, you don’t have to worry about losing them. Instead, the door is operated using a rolling code. Find a model that sounds an alarm if the incorrect code is entered more than three times.

Some keyless lock systems can be integrated with garage openers too, increasing your convenience that much more.

4. Mortise Locks

The most common type of lock, mortise locks can be used on a range of different doors and are operated using a key, which opens the latch from both inside and outside. A turn of the knob will operate the deadbolt.

Newer Door Locking Technologies

Technology advances rapidly, even in the world of locksmiths. Some of the locks you will soon see on the market, include:

● Bluetooth enabled deadbolt locks
● Fingerprint scanners
● Smart locks with built-in cameras

Locksmith Toronto Ontario can advise you on the best locks for your exterior doors, whether you’re looking for a good old mortise lock, or a more high-security solution for your commercial or industrial needs. Also remember that the best lock is useless if it is not enabled, so be sure that your locks are properly maintained and cared for at all times.

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