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Burglaries & Robberies: How to prevent loss due to security breaches

With the crime levels at an all time high, it is important to take precautionary measures to reduce the impact of burglaries and robberies on your business. Burglars and robbers are attracted to dark, easy-to-enter stores where stock is displayed close to the doors or windows, and where cash is flashed about carelessly.

How to Prevent Burglaries

A burglary is any type of unlawful entry into your home or business. Nearly 80% of all burglaries are unsolved, due to the fact that there often is not enough evidence or credible witnesses who actually know what happened and how it occurred.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to install:

A secure store safe

A secure store safe provides storage for money and valuables and should be strong enough to deter burglars. It is important to understand that a file cabinet with combination lock is not secure enough to store money. Only a burglar-resistant money chest is suitable for storing money. Most insurers offer sizable reductions in premiums for merchants who use E Safes.

Adequate lighting inside and outside

Most break ins occur at night, when the burglar can conceal himself in the dark. Installing floodlights outside the store, you can deter many burglars. Metallic and mercury vapor lamps are vandal and weather-resistant, making them ideal for illuminating the outside walls of your store. Opt for heat tempered lenses that cannot be damaged with anything less than a 22 caliber rifle. Indoor lighting ensures that the police can see if there is anyone inside the store, whereas a dark store gives the burglar the advantage of seeing the police approaching.

A suitable alarm system

While a local alarm, such as the bell or siren outside the door notifies the burglar, a silent central-station alarm alerts security authorities to handle the situation. In many cases, some of the costs towards silent alarm systems will be defrayed by a reduced burglary insurance premium.

Suitable locks

Locks can act as a deterrent, as it is an obstacle to unwanted entry. Some insurance policies also require evidence of forced entry, which is why you should install a pin-tumbler cylinder lock with 5 or more pins. A deadlock is a must too. Double-cylinder deadlocks are even better, as it prevents breakouts, where a thief hides inside the store until closing time before breaking out with his loot.

Additional Tips for Avoiding Burglaries & Robberies

1. Ensure that all valuables have been stored in the safe before you lock up.
2. Don’t keep a lot of money or valuable stock on hand and write down the serial numbers on large bills that come in after your daily deposit.
3. Ensure that the safe is locked properly.
4. Activate the burglar alarm.
5. Remove expensive merchandise from display windows at night.
6. Install heavy metal window grating or screens to protect your windows from being smashed.
7. Enlist a watchdog security service.

If you have concerns about the security of your premises, it is a good idea to get hold of a professional locksmith who can provide advice regarding the different ways in which you can secure your valuables and your property.

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