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Best Front Door Lock Options for Your Home

When it comes to finding the best front door locks for your home, you should carefully consider the options from a burglar’s perspective. Breaking and entering through a door is quick and easy, and if they are talented lock pickers, the police file will say “no forced entry”. In many cases, however, a quality deadbolt lock on your exterior doors will deter some of the most talented burglars.

How do Burglars Gain Entry

There are many ways in which your home can be entered by a burglar, including:

● If the door is unlocked, the burglar can walk right in.
● Doors can be pried open.
● Locks can be drilled out using a power drill.
● Door lights or side lights (windows) can be broken to reach the lock and unlock the door.
● Doors can be kicked in.
● Locks can be hammered until they fall right off.
● Thieves can use a copy of the key from somewhere.

Intruders are obviously very crafty and resourceful, which means that you have to choose a locksmith company that knows what they’re doing to install your lock. They will advise you on the best front door looks from these different options.

Types of Front Door Locks

Here are some of the most common door locks:

1. Knob locks

This type of lock is suitable for all types of doors, and is commonly used in bedrooms. There are knobs on either side of the door, but on the outside, it has a keyhole and on the other a lock.

It is important to ensure that you get the right lock for the right side of the door.

If you’re using a knob lock as the main locking mechanism of your front door, be sure to add an additional security lock, as the knob lock can be broken with some force.

2. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are most popular on front doors, because they offer the most security at the best price. These locks feature a metal bolt which slides into the door jam. It is controlled by a keyhole on the outside and a latch on the inside. Deadbolt locks offer four levels of security with several variations in between:

Single deadbolts – This is the most common type, and it is the cheapest. It has a keyhole outside and a thumbturn inside.

Double deadbolt locks – This option features a key cylinder on the inside and outside, but has no thumbturn. Since these locks require a key, it it could be dangerous in emergencies. People inside the home should have access to a key, too.

Jimmy-proof deadbolt locks – Popular on double doors, these surface mount locks require minimal door modifications. It is nearly impossible to pull the locks aside or to remove it from the outside, because the lock screws are located inside the lock.

Captive deadbolts – Much like a double deadbolt, these locks feature a removable key that resembles a thumbturn. It needs an external key if you want to remove the thumb turn.

3. Modern Keyless Systems

Lately, more people have been investing in electronically controlled keypad locks with deadbolts inside. Instead of using a key, you will use the numbered keypad to enter your combination. These locks are significantly more costly than other types of locks, especially the card (or tag) and touch pad systems.

Locksmith Toronto, Ontario recommends that you replace your standard front door locks with one of the more secure modern options. Call us for more information about your options.

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