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Benefits of Using Transponder Keys for Your Car

Most of us are extremely concerned about the safety and security of our cars. Over the years, the safety features for the cars have seen tremendous advances. Transponder keys are one of the most recent developments in this field and most of the automobile manufacturers now offer these special types of keys. The probability of car theft is minimized to a great extent just by using transponder keys.

Benefits of Using Transponder Keys for Your Car

Functionally speaking, transponder keys are nothing but ignition keys. Each of the transponder keys are configured with a special set of unique codes. These keys function by utilizing radio wave frequencies and consist of circuits capable of emitting signals. These keys can get charged on their own, though they have no battery.

Transponder keys can automatically get connected with the car’s security device when it is inserted in the ignition of the car. The security device emits signal making use of radio wave frequency, and the signal is received by the key. The system processes the codes in the transponder key, and the car starts only if the system can identify a match. As a result, it is impossible to start the car with any key that has an invalid code.

In addition to unparalleled safety, transponder keys provide many more important benefits. The biggest benefit is that these keys can never be duplicated. However, the manufacturer can provide you a spare for emergency requirements. Each of these keys are created specifically to be used for a particular car. Therefore, no car can be started without its own, specific transponder key. This has been responsible in reducing car theft rates all over the world in the recent years.

As all of you already know, transponder keys can also perform certain functions within a short distance. This includes unlocking or locking the doors of the car just by pressing a single button. There is also an alarm system added to the coded security system. As a result, the cars sound an alarm whenever an unauthorized entry is attempted.

Since these keys provide additional security, finding a replacement for broken or lost transponder keys is a long and expensive process. This is why you should always ask for an extra key while purchasing the car from the dealer. Keep your spare transponder key in a place that is secure yet easy to access.

Your only alternative is to seek help from an auto locksmith if you ever end up losing or damaging  both your keys. However, make it a point to hire locksmiths that are certified for their auto locksmith service.

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