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What to Do After a Break In at Your Home or Business

We just returned from another break in in Toronto, and the one thing that is always the same, is the trauma experienced by the family, or by the business owner. It’s only natural to assume we’re safe once a deadlock is installed, and who would’ve thought a sliding door is ...

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5 Considerations for Choosing a Lock for Your Home

While some people oversimplify the process of choosing a lock for their home, it is important to understand that your family’s safety and security depends on the lock you choose. The right lock provides the first line of defense for your family and your personal belongings. As much as 90% ...

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Why You Need a Valet Key?

Valet keys have always made it easy for car owners to have their vehicles securely parked when they attended meetings or events. While technology makes life easier in so many ways, it also makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of your trusting nature. In the case of ...

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Securing Your Home As Toronto Burglaries Increase

The Toronto Police crime indicators show that there are more than 3, 500 reported auto thefts a year, and more than 7, 000 breaking and entering cases every year. According to Aviva Canada, home burglaries usually increase dramatically during the warmer summer months, with Fridays being the most likely day ...

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Top 10 Home Security Door Locks

Where your family’s security is concerned, there’s more to consider than just the cost of locks. Statistics have shown that forcible entry is the most common type of break-in, yet most homeowners use deadbolts as their only means of home security. However, a deadbolt is still better than a simple ...

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