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A quick history of the locksmith

Start looking at all the services that your local locksmith provides and you might think this is a modern trade that’s only been around for a short while. Shopping on the website of the local company, you might see a great selection of keyless entry pads and think the history of the trade only started in modern times.

Looking a little further you should find a selection of video surveillance equipment and see that as even more proof that the trade is young. Despite these examples, that’s not the truth. Locksmiths have a storied history that dates back to ancient times.

Considering the name itself tells you how far back the trade goes. The word locksmith is actually a derivative of the term blacksmith. The job of the blacksmith started to change around the beginning of the 1900s as the needs for specialized locks rose with increasing crime. As the trade grew in stature, so did the controversy surrounding it. There were two camps that couldn’t decide whether the information these new professionals possessed should be public or private.

During WWII, any innovations in the trade took a backseat to the war efforts and it wasn’t until more modern times that trade schools and formalized training started to appear.

Finding the right locksmith today means that you need to have some criteria to search with. It’s important to remember that while you can search on the Internet for one of these professionals, you need to be able to contact them and get swift responses to make an informed decision.

That’s a good reason to make sure any of the websites that you’re looking at have a customer service telephone number as well as an email address to use. They need to have a flexible approach to your needs as well and expertise in a variety of different areas. For example, you might need some residential work done for the time being, but a good company will have your automotive needs in mind and any commercial requirements ready to go.

Remember the art of being a locksmith goes father back in the annals of history than you might think. The  Egyptian temple at Kamak has a relief depiction of a lock that dates back 2000 years and the ancient Greeks are widely though to have invented the predecessor of the modern keyhole.


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