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8 Holiday Pet Safety Tips

During the holidays, we tend to have much on our minds. There is so much to remember, that sometimes we forget our best friends – our pets. Being in a rush also increases the risk of mistakes, such as locking ourselves out of the home or the car. It has happened that clients have traveled halfway across the country before remembering that they locked the family dog in the house.

Leaving pets in cars can be extremely dangerous, and it is actually illegal to leave them in a car or home with dangerous temperature conditions. A pet can become stressed as the result of being locked in an environment that is not comfortable or pet-friendly in as little as 15 minutes. It is common for pet owners to forget to leave food and water for the pets they left locked in the home for a day or two.

Even if you stay home for the holidays, there are still more dangers than usual. From treats and eats to other non-pet friendly intrusions into your furry friend’s living space, many dangers lurk in your home during the holidays.

Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Help keep your furry friend safe with these tips from XXX Locksmith:

1. Install a door flap in your backdoor to provide your pet with access to the backyard while you are away.

2. Don’t rely on stable temperatures, whether it is in your car or home. The heating can fail, putting your pet in a life-threatening situation. Don’t leave your pet locked up in the house or car.

3. Prevent potentially electrifying situations by taking extra precautions when it comes to installing electrical cords over this time. Wires are lovely to chew on, but frayed cables can become a fire hazard to your home, and deadly to your pet. Ideally, you should keep the cables out of sight, or tape them them down if you can. Otherwise, consider corralling the cords.

4. Sparkly bells and balls hanging from the tree or doorknobs are irresistible to most people and even moreso, pets. If you have a pet, opt for unbreakable ornaments, such as plastic rather than glass. Likewise, hang the ornaments out of reach of your pet, and avoid tinsel, which can be a strangling or choking hazard.

5. If you have a cat, keep poinsettias, mistletoe and holly out of reach of your pet. Better yet – avoid it altogether, as it is poisonous to your pets.

6. Resist the urge to indulge your dog with a chocolatey treat, as it contains theobromine. This toxic substance can be found in all things chocolate, so don’t give any of it to your dog.

7. By all means, give your pup some delicious ham and turkey, but be sure to remove any bones, which may splinter and become lodged in your Fido’s throat.

8. Place candles out of reach of your pet in order to avoid fire risks.

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