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5 Ways to Secure Your Glass Sliding Doors

Homeowners simply love their glass sliding doors. It is convenient, quiet and it allows plenty of natural light into the home. Burglars love sliding doors for those very reasons, because it makes their job so much easier. Why?

Sliding doors usually have just one lock, which can easily be compromised with a screwdriver.

Sliding doors don’t open and close on a hinge, but they silently slide forth and back on a track. It can’t accidentally slam shut, alerting the residents of an intruder. The door can even be lifted off the tracks, silently.

Sliding doors allow plenty natural light into the home, especially when you leave your blinds open, advertising your home inventory to potential “affirmative shoppers”.

Basically, sliding doors provide burglars with a great opportunity to get into and out of your home in the least amount of time and with the least amount of noise possible. However, there are some precautions you can take to enjoy your sliding door without ‘opening the door’ for potential burglars. Here are some ways in which you can eliminate the risks that come with enjoying the benefits of sliding doors.

Reinforced Sliding Door Locks

Standard sliding doors use a latch that hooks into the doorframe. That alone is not enough to prevent a burglar from gaining access. Auxiliary locks that can only be access from inside can be a fantastic security measure. You can get chains or sliding bolts to add enhanced security to your sliding doors.

Window Treatments

If you have glass sliding doors, you must install curtains or blinds too. These window treatments are affordable, easy to install or hang, and effective in blocking out prying eyes. Pull them shut when the lights are on inside and when it is dark outside.


Probably the least expensive and simplest way to secure any sliding door, is to cut a broom handle or dowel and insert it into the track. Even if the lock is compromised, the dowel will prevent the door from being slid open. Ensure that the dowel is long enough to fit snugly into the track, yet thick enough to be sturdy. However, it must be able to easily slide into the track.

Roller Track Security

Lifting the sliding door off its tracks is one of the easiest ways to compromise your home’s security. By opening the sliding door and placing three screws along the track, you can prevent it from being lifted off the tracks. These screws extend through the track, but do not extend far enough above the track to prevent it from closing.

Decals or Warning Signs

The objective of decals, is to warn off potential burglars. While having an alarm is a great idea, it can be expensive. However, that doesn’t stop you from applying an alarm sign to your glass sliding door. Similarly, you could apply a warning that you have a guard dog. These signs should be clearly visible at night when anyone approaches your door.

If you have a glass sliding door, it is a good idea to apply the necessary security to enable you to enjoy the most of this valuable home feature.

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